Conquistas de Assassin’s Creed: Revelations

Mais um ano, mais um Assassin’s Creed. Confesso que nunca fui grande fã da série e só joguei o segundo. Gostei mas, por outro lado, não achei nada por aí além. Esperemos que este descarregar de AC todos os anos, não levem o franchise pelo cano abaixo. Fãs da saga, deixem as vossas expectativas para Revelations, juntamente com um comentário sobre as conquistas.

Mastering the Art – 30 
Earn the INCOGNITO bonus (Multiplayer).

Tools of the Templar – 10 
Purchase your first ABILITY in the Abstergo Store (Multiplayer).

Achiever – 10 
Complete a Challenge (Multiplayer).

True Templar – 20 
Reach level 20 (Multiplayer).

Looking Good – 10 
Customize a PERSONA (Multiplayer).

There Is No I in Team – 20 
Win a session of a team mode (Multiplayer).

Make the Headlines – 30 
Obtain 12 different Accolades (Multiplayer).

The Way I Like It – 20 
Edit your TEMPLAR PROFILE to change your title, emblem, and patron (Multiplayer).

Explorer – 20 
Finish a session of each game mode (Multiplayer).

Tactician – 30 
Score at least 2500 points in a session (Multiplayer).

The Early Years – 20 
Complete Desmond Sequence 1.

Best Served Cold – 20 
Complete DNA Sequence 1.

The Reluctant Assassin – 20 
Complete Desmond Sequence 2.

Istanbul and Constantinople – 20 
Complete DNA Sequence 2.

Escape To New York – 20 
Complete Desmond Sequence 3.

Seal the Deal – 20 
Complete DNA Sequence 3.

The Prince – 20 
Complete DNA Sequence 4.

The Plot Thickens – 20 
Complete DNA Sequence 5.

Successes and Failures – 20 
Complete DNA Sequence 6.

The Rotten Apple – 20 
Complete Desmond Sequence 4.

Old Boss, New Boss – 20 
Complete DNA Sequence 7.

Priorities – 20 
Complete DNA Sequence 8.

Are You Desmond Miles? – 20 
Complete Desmond Sequence 5.

Revelations – 50 
Complete DNA Sequence 9.

Fond Memories – 20 
Achieve 100% Synchronization in all Sequences.

Holy Wisdom – 20 
Complete the Hagia Sofia challenge level.

Capped – 20 
Collect all animus data fragments.

Worth A Thousand Words – 20 
Collect all of Ishak Pasha’s memoir pages.

Pyromaniac – 20 
Complete all Bomb Missions.

Armchair General – 20 
Control all cities (except Rhodes) simultaneously in the Mediterranian Defense game.

Iron Curtain – 20 
Perform a perfect den defense without using the cannon.

Spider Assassin – 20 
Climb Hagia Sofia, from the ground to the pinnacle, in under 25 seconds.

A Friend Indeed – 20 
Complete all Faction Creed Challenges from a single faction.

Tax Evasion – 10 
Get your money back from a Templar tax collector.

The Mentor – 20 
Have seven trainees reach the rank of Master Assassin.

Lightning Strikes – 20 
Kill 5 guards in 5 seconds using only your hidden blades.

Overkiller – 20 
Assassinate 50 guards with the hidden blade.

Show-Off – 20 
Parachute onto a zipline.

Sage – 20 
Collect all available books.

Fast Fingers – 20 
Loot 50 dead guards with thief looting.

Mosh Pit – 20 
Have 10 guards poisoned at the same time.

Mouse Trap – 20 
Kill 5 guards with a scaffold after they have been stunned by caltrops.

Craft Maniac – 20 
Craft 30 bombs.

My Protégé – 20 
Have one trainee reach the rank of Master Assassin.

Almost Flying – 20 
Parachute directly from the top of the Galata Tower to the golden horn.

Silent But Deadly – 20 
Kill three guards simultaneously with only throwing knives.

I can see you – 20 
Kill 5 guards while under the cover of a smoke screen bomb.

Monster’s Dance – 20 
Have a guard incapacitate 3 civilians while he’s poisoned.

Bully – 20 
Find and beat up Duccio.

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  1. Sempre gostei de AC, mas este milk shaking que estão a fazer à franchising já enerva.. Todos os anos a sair um AC é demais..
    Contudo irei ter o jogo, mas só quando estiver muito barato!

    Já o último não cheguei a fazer os 1000 porque não cheguei a fazer os de MP e um ou 2 de SP

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